Always Share

Bobble was a very selfish boy. He never shared his toys with anyone. His parents were worried as to how to teach him about kindness and sharing.

Then, one day, Bobble was returning from school on his new bicycle. As Bobble was watching, a boy fell into a ditch and hurt himself. The boy cried, "Ah, i cant move my arm."

Bobble would never help anyone but that day, he felt sad for the boy. So, he rushed to him and helped him stand up. He said to the boy,"Looks like you have fractured your hand . Sit behind me and I'll ride you to the hospital."

Later, that evening, the boy's parents visited Bobble and thanked him,"You are very kind boy. God will always bless you." After They left , Bobble's Father said ,"Son, see the blessing you recieve by kind and sharing." Bobble understood the importance of being kind and decides to share always .