Dont Give Up!

A long time ago, there lived a boy named Bobble in a village. He was very happy with his family. But his happiness could not last fr long. Bobble and his fellow villagers faced a severe drouht. They desperately waited for rains but with no luck. All the crops, land and even trees dried up. The cattle started dying. As there was no rain, the stream was dying up slowly.
One night, during a meet with the villagers, Bobble said," Friends, we all have heard tales from our grndparents about an underground river flowing thrugh our village. Why dont we dig and see?" The villagers agreed and started diggging. They dug for some days but gave up soon. However, Bobble kept on digging. when people told him to give up,he said, " God is helping and guiding my way."
One day , when he had dug deep enough, Bobble saw water . His attitude of not giving up saved the whole village. "Never give up so easily," Bobble advised allthe villagers. Now, they are never shhort of water. And whenever any problem arises, all the villagers came up together and find a solution.