Never Lie

Bobble had learned from his friends that lying is te easiest way out of any situation. So, he became fond of lying and enjoyed tellng small lies. When his parents caught him and warned him against telling lies, bobble shrugged them off, saying , " Lies never harm anyone!" Bobble's father decided to explain to him why lying is bad.
One evening , Bobble and his father were walking down the street with some groceries. Just ten, they saw a car rammed int bookstore. Bobble's father asked a man what happened and he replied, " The car driver lied to his father that he could see without spectacles. They bth were in the car when the accident happened. The father is seriously hurt. I'm sure the boy regrets evr lying! Bobble's father looked at Bobble and said ," See Bobble, a lie is so dangerous! It can hurt people!" Boobble realized the huge cost of a lie and stpped lying.